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Angry Birds Human World Stories is a series of books made by danielbird18. Most of the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies get teleported from Piggy Island to the human world. They spend a little more than a year having adventures and battles.

While the birds and pigs are in the human world, they need to purchase some shelter. The birds settle in a cabin owned by Chuckmeister. On the other hand, the pigs buy a house. Since there are so many Minion Pigs, they buy several properties with six Minion Pigs in each property.

The Human World sets up many plans for the pigs to steal the eggs. However, this also gives the birds an opportunity to plan an egg defense, making it very difficult for the pigs to get their dirty trotters on those eggs.

Other features of Angry Birds Human World Stories are locations of U.S. Piggy Island, where the birds and pigs stay, and bonus episodes, which aren't part of the numbered episodes.

Rules Edit

  • You can come up with episodes for Season 2, 3, 4, and so on. Create a page for that episode and then danielbird18 will do the rest.
  • No cursing and no inappropriate episodes.
  • No episodes unrelated to Angry Birds or Bad Piggies.
  • Make sure to use characters from the List of Angry Birds Human World Stories Characters.

Episodes Edit

See List of Angry Birds Human World Stories Episodes.

Characters Edit

See List of Angry Birds Human World Stories Characters.

Locations Edit

See List of Angry Birds Human World Stories Locations.

Trivia Edit

  • The majority of each character is in its Chrome sprite, while others may be painted by an electronic device, or drawn on a piece of paper.
  • Some characters are made custom.
  • Angry Birds Human World Stories is similar to Angry Birds Toons because it has 52 episodes, an episode number on the bottom of the title card, and a comparable title card format.
  • Most of the time, questions are asked on each episode description.
  • There is a small series of episodes called Malicious Moustachios with Foreman Pig and Chef Pig as the main characters. That series has three episodes.
  • On every episode, there is a Question of the Episode, where danielbird18 asks a question to contributors that they should answer.

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